Meet Anna!

Anna Paulina Luna is running for Congress to lead the next generation in the fight against radical socialism. She took an oath to defend our country in the Air Force, and now she’s ready to take that oath to Washington DC.


Built, Not Bought!

Anna, a second generation American, was born and raised in California by her single mom. Her mother raised Anna and her two siblings on one income while attending school.

Like many Americans, Anna had to grow up fast. The crime ridden streets of Los Angeles do not pick and choose who is affected by armed robbery, home invasion, school shootings, or being attacked by gangs. Anna experienced it all.

Rather than becoming a statistic, Anna developed grit. She realized that she didn’t have to become a product of failed liberal policies that plague our inner cities or listen to politicians who tell minorities they will never amount to anything unless they rely on the government. Many of her own family members struggled with drug abuse, homelessness, and even the prison system.

Instead, Anna worked her way out of the welfare system. At 19 years old, she joined the United States Air Force where she graduated top of her class. In the military, Anna realized her love of country and the satisfaction of service over self. It was also where she met the love of her life, her husband, Andy and found her home in Florida.


A Fighter
For Florida

Throughout all of her experiences, Anna discovered our political system is broken. Politics has become more about working for power instead of working for the people. Politicians are no longer individuals representing their district, but puppets for special interests groups with the deepest pockets.

District 13 is no stranger to this failed political system. Currently, Pinellas County is under the control of a career politician who, depending on the election cycle, can’t decide which party he identifies with. Instead of focusing on the needs of the people, he spends most of his time fundraising for Nancy Pelosi and do-nothing Democrats.

He has been branded as the “party boss” of the socialists. He continues to push for more government and less freedom.

Anna knows that more government involvement leads to dysfunction and corruption.

Pinellas County deserves better.

Pinellas County residents need a representative to get work done without the pressures of special interests groups and party bureaucracy.

You need a fighter to stand up for your shared values on:

  • God
  • Life
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Anti-Socialism
  • America First Trade Policies
  • Lower Taxes

Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Securing the Southern Border Florida’s 13th District deserves a representative who will put them first, who will fight for them, and who knows what it means to be BUILT, NOT BOUGHT.